Das Blashaus Bass Clarinet Neck


I just received a new bass clarinet neck from Martin Suter of Das Blashaus in Switzerland. It was made to order (since he offers 18 models!) and took a couple of months. Well worth the wait! It makes the two stock Selmer necks (the best two out of 8 that I tried when I bought my instruments, and then had gold-plated) seem like pieces of tin.

This model is the HH2-SA-SG, meaning Heavy Heavy Steep Angle Selmer Gold Plated.   Heavy is not an understatement.  It is 72% heavier than the stock necks.   The inside of the neck is smooth as glass, unlike any stock neck and it is heavily reinforced from bending.   It sounds as beautiful as it looks….just like Morrie Backun’s barrels and bells.  The tone is firmer, richer and more resonant, especially at the extreme ranges of the instrument; intonation and articulation are also enhanced.

I’m ecstatic!

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  1. I come from Slovenia. I would like to buy the best neck for bass clarinet. I have selmer prestige, but i'm playing quite a lot solo. Can you help me? Thank you for all. Blaž

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