Excellent student ups her equipment game

Lauren Breakell, an excellent young musician attending York House School will be eligible for the jazz band there next year so she has added a beautiful Trevor James saxophone to her gig bag!  She will be working on the Niehaus Basic Jazz Conception for Saxophone over the summer and will knock ’em dead in her audition in the fall.  In the meantime, Tom Lee music had a moving sale and we got a great deal for Lauren on her first wooden clarinet, a Backun Protégé in Grenadilla with silver keys.  We spent hours on a Saturday afternoon choosing from six wonderful instruments, including swapping out bells and barrels to customize her choice.  Note the Backun standard Cocobolo barrel to add that sweet warm tone.  Lauren is a born musician who works hard, and that is what sets her apart…but great equipment doesn’t hurt a bit! 

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