Dear Chuck, 
Thank you so much for all you have done for Alexander this term. You have been a truly amazing teacher and we all feel so privileged to have come to know you.  Your enthusiasm, professionalism and sincerity are remarkable. Thank you for your attention to detail and how far you have come with Alexander in such a short period of time. 

We received your demonstration recordings, thank you. I will send a clip of him doing the piece. 

Thank you! 
Isabelle and Tony Booth

Thanks again for sharing your great knowledge of all things related to clarinet & sax performance, mouthpieces, ligatures, and reeds.  You are providing a wonderful service to the Canadian Winds readership.

                                              Tim Maloney, Editor, Canadian Winds Magazine

Chuck Currie is the epitome of the professional musician.

Marlin Wolfe, Conductor Emeritus, Vancouver Island Symphony

Chuck’s enthusiasm and talent as a musician and teacher is infectious. His students can’t help but be motivated to excel. Since he began teaching the students at St. George’s we have been blessed with a new breed of sensitive, talented and confident saxophonists. I would recommend him as a teacher to anyone interested in learning any single reed instrument.

Marc Crompton, Director of Bands, St. George’s School

Chuck Currie is an extraordinarily gifted and sensitive teacher, one who nurtures not merely the musical talents of his students, but their character development as well. Indeed, Chuck has distinguished himself from all other music instructors our family has encountered over the course of more than a decade of work in piano, violin, flute, voice, and saxophone. For Chuck, integrity and hard work come first, and he communicates this in gentle yet demanding ways. Chuck, whose musicianship is legendary, has been an inspiring teacher; for nearly four years, he has always hit the right notes with our sixteen-year-old son — which has been no mean feat. Chuck has helped him grow by teaching him how to listen, to play, and to appreciate the importance of self-discipline. In doing all of this, music has become what it should be: loving and fun. It is not an understatement to affirm that Chuck Currie is Vancouver’s premier music teacher.

Prof. Paul Krause
Department of History
The University of British Columbia

Thank you so much for all your help from Delta City Blues all the way back to the basics. I feel that my time studying with you has not only made me a better player, but a better person as well. Many thanks for your help testing out horns, too.

Kirk Alexander

I have known Chuck Currie for many years and have found him to be one of the warmest, most enthusiastic and energetic people I have come across! These qualities transcend across to his teaching and his students cannot help but be infused with a love for music. Chuck is a natural both as a player and as a teacher.

Mary Backun
Music Director, St. George’s Junior School
Principal Clarinet: Vancouver Opera Orchestra, Abbotsford Symphony Orchestra,
Pacific Symphonic Wind Ensemble

It could be very intimidating to continue to learn each week from someone as musically talented as Chuck Currie, but his teaching skills and personality create an amazing learning environment. Chuck has the ability to bring out the best of musical talents in each and every one of his students. I am as honored to be one of his students as I am in awe of his talents.

Dr. Ed MacMurdo

You have been and continue to be a wonderful teacher and a great influence and inspiration for Jessica, and we count ourselves very fortunate that Scott MacLennan recommended you to us. You have greatly enriched her experience of music; she always comes away from her lessons with new ideas and enthusiasm.

Susan Firus

I’ve been taking lessons with Chuck for several months and I am repeatedly impressed by his inexhaustible enthusiasm`. I am a mature student taking up the saxophone after many years of inactivity and have a great many old habits that need to be overcome. Chuck has helped me to identify these bad habits and has led me through numerous exercises designed to eliminate them. In a short time I feel I’ve obtained a level of skill that not only surpasses my previous ability, but has a vastly improved grounding in the technical aspects of play.

His enthusiasm and optimism turn frustrating obstacles into positive challenges and he routinely highlights the improvements that I have made as a student. I look forward to our sessions and have been motivated to take more time out of my rigorous schedule to devote to practice.

Having had prior experience with teaching, I know how difficult it can be to motivate students. Chuck has the ability to instruct without insult, and through his positive energy, makes the student feel better about his/her abilities, even when faced with a problem. I would heartily recommend him to anyone, young or old, looking to either learn or re-learn to play an instrument.

Dustin Lippert, PhD Biology
University of British Columbia Forestry Research

I talked to Michael about the lesson yesterday. Both of us think that the supplemental second lesson will be very helpful for him, in addition to the standard format lesson. It’s a great idea to play duets and sight read with you. It’s really good for Michael, and we really want to say thank you, because we know that you do your very best, make every possible effort for Michael. Michael is lucky to have such a great teacher. And thanks again for the CD you gave to Michael. We listened to it yesterday. It’s very helpful.

Thank you very much, and best regards,

Linda Xu