Educational Resources

I’m thrilled to offer several educational resources for saxophone and clarinet players of all ages and skill levels to help. I hope you find the articles below useful!

Teaching Axis

Saxophone Fingering Chart   -New March 2023 correct Bis Bb fingering for flat keys and A# fingering for chromatic and sharp keys

Clarinet Fingering Chart -New March 2023 includes A and Bb resonance fingerings

Clarinet Warmups – New May 2023

Saxophone Warmups – New May 2023

Bass Clarinet Warmups New May 2023

Travelling With Reeds 

Low Woodwind, Brass, and String Sectionals

Updated Ligatures

Reed Gadgets

On Practicing

Internet Lesson Protocols for Distance Learning – Updated May 2021

Saxophone-and-Clarinet-Fundamentals – A primer on breathing, embouchure, reeds, articulation and smart practicing  Updated May 2023

Excelling at a Musical Instrument – An essay on the keys to success in music

Learning Principles – A set of timeless principles to aid in growth

Reed Seasoning and Adjustment – Advice on how to maximize your reed’s potential

An Appraisal of Student Reeds – Rico, Rico Royal and Vandoren Juno reeds in an A/B/C challenge

Ligature Choices for Clarinet and Saxophone– Based on extensive field testing of many brands and styles of ligatures

Latest Ligatures– an appraisal of new options available!

Developing a Nuanced Vibrato – Tips on how and when to use vibrato

Excellent Single Reed Mouthpieces for Students – A thorough examination of available options

Why Saxophonists Need A Jazz and Classical Mouthpiece – A look at the mechanics and considerations of mouthpiece selection – Updated May 2022

Clarinet Pinky and Left Hand Exercise – includes throat resonance fingerings! Updated May 2023

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