Recommended Music Stores

Recommended Music Stores:

Long & McQuade – 368 Terminal Ave, east of Main St, Vancouver [map]

Selmer, Yanagisawa, Rent-to-own Yamaha Instruments  Instruments, accessories and Sheet Music  604-734-4886

Massullo Music – 4242B Hastings St, just east of Carleton, Burnaby [map]
Fine instrument repairs, used and vintage instruments in perfect condition, great selection of new instruments and accessories at the best prices, largest stock of Superial Reeds, matchless collection of vintage refaced mouthpieces.

North American distributor for the amazing Trevor James Saxophones.  604-294-1777

Backun Musical Services – 6750 Cariboo Road Burnaby BC [map]
Repairs, restoration, voicing, customizing of all woodwinds and brass.  Legendary manufacturer of clarinets, bells, barrels, and mouthpieces.  Sought out by the greatest players in the world.  By appointment only.  The greatest woodwind acoustical research and manufacturing facility in the world.  604-205-5770

Tom Lee Music – 728 Granville Street, Vancouver BC [map]
Dealers in Yanagisawa, Selmer Paris Saxophones and Backun Clarinets.   604-685-8471

Tapestry Music 4440 W 10th Ave Vancouver BC  [map]

Dealers in Backun and Leblanc clarinets, Yamaha and Selmer Saxophones; Sheet Music

(604) 736-3036