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A clip from 16 year old student Taj Sangra’s successful audition for the annual Canadian Wind Orchestra at Musicfest in Toronto. The competition was 23-year old university bachelor of music students.

Chedeville Baritone Saxophone Mouthpiece

Chedeville Mouthpiece Session at the International Clarinet Association Clarinetfest June 2022
Chuck playing with student Fraser at his induction as a Canadian Champion for Music Education
Student Johnston Liu performs the famous Johnny Hodges feature piece, Isfahan, at his graduation concert.

Sax Noir Colleague Mia Gazley Performs with PSWE
A young player working on my pinky finger exercise, left hand pinkies from B, C, C#, D to G above the staff, right hand pinkies up to G#. He is gradually working his way up to high C. The exercise starts with intervals to E on the staff. Low register exercise moves from E, F, F# and G up to low A, then progressively chromatically up to throat Bb. This starts in the third lesson and is the work of a lifetime. Find this exercise in “Educational Resources.”

The Royal Global MAX Bass Clarinet closeup. Check out the key-work, plating and low C!
The Royal Global MAX Composite Bass Clarinet throat tones and altissimo….1/4 the price and maintenance of wooden bass clarinets, and still made of 90% wood!