The Studio

  • Lessons focus on the fundamentals of reed/mouthpiece setup, air control and embouchure, developing a beautiful full tone as the prerequisite for further technical and musical development
  • Large collection of mouthpieces, ligatures and reed for students to test
Ligatures available to try at the Sax Noir Studio
Legere reeds to try at the Sax Noir Studio
Assorted cane reeds to try at the Sax Noir studio
  • Repair bench for instrument adjustments during lessons
Instrument Repair Bench
  • Digital recording for audition discs, and so that students can hear themselves as they sound to others
Studio Recording Setup
  • Sound traps and diffusers placed by a recording engineer to give the ideal combination of presence without too much brightness
  • Over 4000 recordings to illustrate repertoire
  • Large sheet music, instruction and music history library; includes all of the music listed in the Royal Conservatory of Music Woodwind Syllabus
  • Spacious enough for rehearsing and recording chamber groups
Rehearsal Space
  • “Relaxing Room” for parents, associates or friends who have accompanied the students