The New Backun Alpha clarinet

Just picked mine up last week.  A resin clarinet that plays like a pro horn.

OK, I’m a fanatic.  I also picked up a cocobolo Protege bell to put on it, and already have a full set of 4 Protege Cocobolo and Grenadilla barrels in 65 and 66 mm length.  Morrie (bless his generous heart) gave me an amazing back-pack case with lots of extra pockets for these accessories, and of course I also added a MoBa 66+ Cocobolo barrel and a Moba Cocobolo bell.

It is great to add better and better barrels and bells to the instrument in a clinic and watch peoples faces as the sound changes.  I would rather play an Alpha with a MoBa bell and barrel than any other brand of professional clarinet.  Period.

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  1. I enjoyed your comments about the Alpha. I am shopping for a new

    Bb and have read much about the Backun clarinets. Do you know, or have

    any ideas, if the Alpha is a Protege made with synthetics? I have wondered

    what parts of the manufacturing process they share.

    I have a C instrument made by Ridenour Products which has excellent

    intonation and has been much fun to play.

    Thanks for the very interesting site.


    • Bill, you can't go wrong with this clarinet or any Backun product. You should get one in your hands, and I really recommend trying the various bells and barrels on it. I know a little bit about production but don't feel I should speak for Morrie. If you call or email Backun Musical Services, you will find them amazingly friendly and informative with absolute integrity.

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