Vandoren Black Diamond BD5 Mouthpiece


I was entranced by recent internet videos of the Vandoren BD5 Bass Clarinet mouthpiece.  Part of it might have been Vandoren artist David Gould’s sublime playing, but there was something about the richness and compact fluid sound of the setup that was wonderful.  I contacted my friend Alex who distributes Vandoren products in Canada and was informed that the Bass Clarinet version was not yet available, but he sent me two of the 13 series American pitch Soprano clarinet models.  What a revelation!   They are incredibly rich, focussed, compact and fluid with great intonation and ease of articulation.  Much more focussed than anything I have played.  This has been the first time I have been tempted to change mouthpieces in 10 years and I am switching over for an extended trial.  They replace my previous favourite Vandoren models, which were already excellent and chosen by many professionals and students.  By the way, they seem supremely matched to the amazing V21 reeds!  I’m going to keep an extra couple in the studio for student trial.  Bravo, Vandoren!

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