The Rousseau Renaissance

Jody Espina has come through as expected, reviving the incredible designs of Dr Eugene Rousseau with investment in the brand, beautiful packaging, highly trained technicians and an incredible eye for detailed quality control. This is up there with reviving the Chedeville line of mouthpieces, so he has now honoured the legacy of two icons of the single reed world. Rousseau mouthpieces have joined the Chedeville line up as the 1-2 punch that knocks out all my previous favourite mouthpieces. There is stiff competition out there, but I will be stocking these in my studio along with the Chedevilles I play, and I anticipate many students and colleagues trying these out and changing their musical lives for the better. The warm, glowing, luminous sound of Dr Rousseau emenates gloriously from these wonderful ‘pieces. You’ll be ecstatic, as am I.

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