Chedeville SAV Succeeds Brilliantly

I tried these yesterday at Massullo Music while purchasing one of the great new Rousseau NC Classical Tenor mouthpieces that were recently released by Jody Espina. I brought along four of the most popular mouthpieces that I stock in the studio to test against the SAV’s. Lovely mouthpieces indeed, but not as lovely as the new SAV from Chedeville. The SAV is made without the proprietary Chedeville rubber to lower the price and they prove that it is not just the Chedeville CHR Rubber that makes Chedeville mouthpieces great!

The SAV’s are not just brilliant, they also have a lovely complex tone chock full of colour, and are very free blowing with great clear articulation. The more I played them, the prettier I found them, and they beat out all the very popular mouthpieces I brought with me solidly. So, I brought them back to the studio to put them up against stiff competition from other custom mouthpiece makers, and they were prettier than any other mouthpiece in the collection… except for my lovely Chedeville Umbra F3, of course.

So, I’m buying the Chedeville SAV3 and it will be pounced upon by lots of students and colleagues when they try it. At half the price of the Chedeville Umbra, it’s a deal you just cannot pass up. Another one-two punch for Jody Espina….the best two clarinet mouthpieces on the planet, in my opinion.

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