Vandoren Profile Soprano and Alto Sax Mouthpieces

The new Vandoren Profile Alto and Soprano Saxophone mouthpieces take the lead in the battle for the heart and soul of classical saxophonists, in my opinion.  There are worthy competitors, particularly on alto saxophone, so I tested these new ‘pieces versus D’Addario Reserve, Selmer Concept, and the previous Vandoren champions, the Optimum SL3, SL4, AL3, and AL4.

This new generation of Vandoren classical saxophone mouthpieces has more than matched their recent challengers.  Round, homogenous, warm and centred with a delicious grain to the sound that helps remind us that the saxophone is a woodwind instrument that just happens to be made of metal. 

 They maintain the “shimmer” that I feel soprano and alto voices should exhibit, but add great breadth and depth of tone to that burnished ring. Great clarity, ease of expression and presence.  Really, incredibly balanced colourfully vocal mouthpieces.  

Competitive mouthpieces that I previously considered very fine indeed, sound somewhat thin in comparison, especially on Soprano.   The pricing is right, too!  I’ve said it before: “You always come back to Vandoren.”

Can’t wait for the Profiles for Tenor and Baritone!

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