Vandoren Large Chamber V16 Tenor Mouthpieces

Lucky Number One…more to follow!

I’ve got the first V16 T6L in Canada, thanks to Vandoren Canada’s generosity. Although these were released over a year ago, dealers in Canada had not stocked them due to the overwhelming plethora of mouthpieces from small boutique outfits and mass manufacturers. My advice to dealers is to treat new items from Vandoren as manna from heaven. There was a similar delay in stocking the “5” openings of the Optimum classical saxophone mouthpiece lineup, and that has certainly changed! The new large chamber jazz tenor mouthpieces will quickly be stocked, too! Vandoren’s descriptions of their products are as bang-on as their consistency, and I can attest that the literature is perfectly accurate in stating that “This chamber is perfect for the player searching for the “vintage” sound. It is even and easy to play throughout the range of the instrument.” I’ll go further…this is the mouthpiece of your dreams, harkening back to the 50’s Otto Link New York Reso Chamber and Florida Tone Edge models. This was before the edgy sound of R& B and Funk of the late 70’s and early 80’s influenced production of the current all-too-common high baffle small chamber mouthpieces. Just my not-so-humble opinion! Massullo Music, the top dealer and repair shop in Canada (if not North America) has ordered more of these in for me and for others to try. My prediction….this will be the beginning of an avalanche of large chamber V16’s!

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