Chedeville Mouthpieces Superb with Synthetic Reeds

One of my 5 Chedeville Mouthpieces
Legere reeds to try at the Sax Noir Studio
My stock of Légère Reeds-I’m both a Légère artist and dealer.

I had a request from Massullo Music to test Chedeville mouthpieces with Légère reeds, since I am a Légère artist and dealer.  They’re incredible, especially when playing multiple doubles in musical theatre and for outdoor gigs, and my students and colleagues are delighted with them.  

Anyway, when I tested the Légères on Chedeville mouthpieces, I was amazed and delighted!  Not only did they sound fantastic, but when I went through all my previous favorite mouthpieces there was no comparison.  Chedeville mouthpieces make synthetic reeds sound and respond more like cane than any other mouthpiece I own (and that is over 200 very fine mouthpieces.)  

Chedeville mouthpieces lend synthetic reeds a denser and more resonant tone, with more warmth and grain, exactly what we are all looking for! I’m going to be a lot happier in the pit from now on!  

Try your synthetic reeds on Chedeville today! You will be amazed, too.!

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