JodyJazz Launches Custom Dark Alto Mouthpiece

The JodyJazz HR* Custom Dark Tenor with it’s amazing younger brother.

I have not been unhappy with my current jazz Alto mouthpiece, but it is now relegated to one of my mouthpiece peg-boards with the other 200 or so very fine mouthpieces in my collection.

JodyJazz simply blows away the competition again…effortlessly. Since the early 1980’s, small chamber, small bore, high baffle mouthpieces have almost dominated the industry, and I’ve never been convinced. I’ve been choosing the least edgy and warmest modern mouthpieces available, because vintage Meyers are really hard to find. 

The search is over. If you long for a mouthpiece that can honor the tonal spectrum from Paul Desmond to Phil Woods and everywhere in between, you need to try the JodyJazz HR* Custom Dark Alto mouthpiece.

Act quickly…these babies just fly off the shelves.

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